This year Googols of Learning joined the Healthy Sprouts Program. We built a school garden, the children will tend and harvest the garden, and eat the bounty! The program includes a basic healthy food curriculum and allows us to enroll in a weekly vegetable/fruit subscription with a local farmer!


Healthy Sprouts can be found on their Facebook page and on the Douglas County Child Development Association website, at

Healthy Sprouts Mission
The main goals of the program:

Our goals are reached through:

Company Overview
Healthy Sprouts Mission Company Overview Healthy Sprouts is a Farm to Child Care/Preschool program that is administered through the Douglas County Child Development Association. The goals of the program are to begin healthy habits in the early years of life, increase access to local, nutritious food to strengthen the local food system and to provide comprehensive food education.

Healthy Sprouts is part of a growing national Farm to School and Farm to Preschool movement, which endeavor to integrate local, healthy food into school and child care settings while educating children about where their food comes from. We work with these national networks as well as local networks to reach our goals.

Healthy Sprouts Program